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Our organization is an all-volunteer program that strives to promote a strong sense of community and self, while members have fun teaching and learning the fundamental skills of baseball. We assist the rookie player or the highly skilled, competitive player to develop into a good ball player and citizen. We strive to treat every player fairly and equally regardless of playing ability. We are proud of the fact that many players have competed in post high school baseball, including some who have gone on to play Major League Baseball as well as players who have returned to the program to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of players.

South Sound Baseball (SSB) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1958. We are a P.O.N.Y. affiliated youth baseball league providing playing opportunities for youth in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and surrounding areas. The league is organized into districts based on the boundaries of the local high schools. Each district is responsible for registering players and forming teams within its area of responsibility.What does PONY stand for?PONY is an acronym for Protect Our Nation's Youth. The concept for the name originally came from boys at the local YMCA in Washington, Pennsylvania and stood for "Protect Our Neighborhood Youth," but when PONY became an international program in the early 1950's "Neighborhood" was switched to "Nation's."How is play governed in PONY Baseball?Baseball play is governed by the Official Rules of Major League Baseball, and PONY Baseball rules and regulations, which contain those exceptions deemed necessary for a youth baseball program. The PONY rule book also contains regulations relative to league organization and administration. 
  • 05.30.20175:30 PM

    13U TC Saints VS. 14U Tum Myers

    Yauger Park - Yauger 3
  • 05.30.20175:30 PM

    12U Breeze Baseball VS. 12U Tum Sanders

    Yauger Park - Yauger 2
  • 05.30.20176:00 PM

    12u Timberline Boyd-Briggs VS. 12U RR Conway

    LBA Park - LBA 4
  • 05.30.20176:00 PM

    13U Aces VS. 14U Sandberg Boster

    LBA Park - LBA 5
  • 05.30.20176:00 PM

    14U Shelton Wagner VS. 13U Sandberg

    Mason County Recreation Area - MCRA 3
  • 05.30.20176:00 PM

    8U Cap Brown VS. 8U Cap Schumacher

    LBA Park - LBA 3
  • 05.30.20176:00 PM

    14U Cap Schibel VS. 14U Oly Phinney

    LBA Park - LBA 6
  • 05.30.20176:00 PM

    10U Roch Rodriguez VS. 10U Shelton Richardson

    Mason County Recreation Area - MCRA 6
  • 05.30.20176:00 PM

    10U Cap Hanson VS. 10U Shelton Landaker

    LBA Park - LBA 1
  • 05.30.20177:30 PM

    14U Roch Decker VS. 14U Oly Benford

    Yauger Park - Yauger 3

Congratulations South Sound 12U you are Pony North West 2014 Regional Champions

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  • Mason County Recreation Area Updated:04.11.2017 02:54PM
  • MCRA 1 Updated:04.11.2017 02:54PM
  • MCRA 2 Updated:04.11.2017 02:54PM
  • MCRA 3 Updated:04.11.2017 02:54PM
  • MCRA 4 Updated:04.11.2017 02:54PM
  • MCRA 5 Updated:04.11.2017 02:54PM
  • MCRA 6 Updated:04.11.2017 02:54PM
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  • LBA Park Updated:04.11.2017 02:54PM
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